Thursday, 1 March 2007

Onkyo TX-SR674 Hidden Menus

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For some reason, the Onkyo TX-SR674 automatically deinterlaces 480i / 576i signals that are output through it's HDMI interface (it leaves all other signals and signals output through all other interfaces untouched). While it does a reasonable job, it is a significantly worse job than my display device (a Panasonic PT-AX100E projector - which is still working great).

I emailed Onkyo's support staff and was pleasantly astonished to receive a reply a couple of days later. I had asked if there was a hidden menu that might contain an option to disable this automatic deinterlacing.

There are two hidden menus for video adjustment. To access them you make sure the receiver is on, then hold down the "Video 3" or "Video 4" button and simultaneously press the "Power" button (as if turning the receiver off). The Video 3 hidden menu allows you to adjust the up-conversion of S-Video / Composite signals. The Video 4 hidden menu supplies options regarding the HDMI interface.

As is clear from the fact that the menus are hidden, these contain options that you shouldn't play with if you don't already know what they do. Note that the HDMI/CEC Mode option should never be changed. For details of what the menu options mean, you should contact Onkyo you should supply you with the same instructions as me.

Sadly, there is an option to output 480i / 576i but it didn't seem to make any difference and the HDMI interface still output 480p / 576p.

However, this is a good news story about a quality intelligent timely response from a major manufacturer and you don't get many of them.

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