Saturday, 10 March 2007

Looks Aren't Everything...

Looks aren't everything but they're not nothing, either. As someone who is fairly seriously challenged in the looks department (though former Dr. Who sidekick Billie Piper says she likes a man with a bit of gut, woohoo) I am sympathetic to this.

I saw this page on a one-off visit to the Zoo Weekly web site following an eye-catching ad on Empire Magazine's web site. (Doth I protest too strongly?)

However, here is a before-and-after page with women pictured without any make-up and after their makeover was completed. Some of the transformations are quite astonishing.

At the risk of being completely horrible I would like to highlight the most impressive transformation for the lady on row 3, column 2. If you'd said that was a picture of a guy you would have believed it. After the make-over, she looks truly lovely and is sporting a generous classy smile as an agreeable bonus.

This begs the question: if make-up artists can perform such artistry why do they go overboard on models on cat-walks and red carpets and in magazines? It seems to me that, at this time, they are busy making 'celebrities' and models look less attractive by applying great swathes of unnecessary make-up which appears to have simply been thrown at the recipient's face.

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