Thursday, 22 March 2007

Ellen Ripley and the Honey BBQ Boneless Bites from Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC logo

I'm a big fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their fries taste like they were probably made from potato, their chicken is tasty and succulent and their soft drinks don't taste watered down.

I'll generally try new items on the menu. This week they introduced (a mere seven years after the United States!) Honey BBQ Boneless Bites. The promotional posters use the following illustration and describe them as "100% all white breast meat in a delicious honey BBQ glaze".

Honey BBQ Boneless Bites promotional poster

Glaze conjures up a mental image of a light coating, so thin as to be partially transparent, a taste that delicately compliments the, er, glazee. In fact, my mental picture is a bit like the promotional picture.

The reality is somewhat different. I was a little surprised to find upon opening the packaging that the five pieces of reformed chicken had been dipped in the Honey BBQ sauce meaning I had bought a box of small gooey blobs that looked like Ellen Ripley was about to come along and flamethrower them.

Undetered, I munched messily through my first one but the effect of the nuggets being drenched in honey BBQ sauce was that it became sickly quickly. The Honey BBQ sauce may work well as a dip but five nuggets smothered and dripping with it? I managed two-and-a-half before throwing in the serviette. At least, I would have thrown it in but my fingers just stuck to it. And stuck to those handy little wipes they give you. It wasn't until I got home that I managed to get all the sticky sauce off my fingers and from under my fingernails. And off my coat. And off my face.

For the time being, I'm sticking to fillet burgers.

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