Sunday, 18 February 2007

Grandia II Windows XP PC movie problem

Just gone back to fun RPG Grandia II (Windows XP PC) with the intention of finishing it. I thought I was near the end but I've been playing for a further three days now (not all day, you realise; total playing time is now just under 25 hours). Looks like the end is in sight now, though, as Valmar has been revived and the Day of Darkness is in full swing.

Still, I get this problem where the movies show a black screen instead of video while the audio plays normally.

I wondered if it was my overriding of the 3D settings in the Nvidia Control Panel so that I can enable anti-aliasing on the game or perhaps it needed to be run in Compatibility Mode or perhaps it is my WindowBlinds that is causing trouble.

Whatever it is, this little tip seems to work. Load the "gmconfig" utility first, simply click OK to immediately exit and then load Grandia II. Movies work!

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