Thursday, 28 December 2006

Panasonic AX100E: brightness flicker problem

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After a couple of years of saving and selling a load of stuff on eBay, I'm in the fortunate position of being able to purchase an HD projector. I've chosen a Panasonic AX100. Naturally, however, every silver lining has a cloud...


My previous projector was a Panasonic AE200. I got this as a replacement for a faulty AE100 and I was delighted with it from day one. However, the time was approaching to consider selling it before a new bulb purchase became urgent or buy a new bulb. Because it didn't support HD I decided to sell the projector and put the money toward a shiny new one.

Brightness Flicker Problem

Disagreeably, a week or so after getting the AX100 a nasty little gremlin raised his head in the form of a picture whose brightness alternated every couple of seconds when used in Eco-Mode.

Agreeably, a search of the web brought about a DIY solution:
  • Put the projector in Normal mode for about fifty hours.
Splendidly simple. And, you know, it worked. I'm now happily using the projector in Eco-Mode for a further few days and all seems to be well. Terrific.


This didn't solve the problem permanently. About 50 hours bulb life later, the problem returned. It is less intrusive and more intermittent now but still there and still disappointing.

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