Thursday, 28 December 2006

Microsoft Access 2002: Complex forms load really slowly

After a Microsoft Access wizard left two of my databases in a corrupt condition (an undocumented feature?) I felt fortunate to be able to reconstruct them by importing the objects into a new MDB file.


Annoyingly, my forms were now taking an age to load. As soon as I loaded it the first time I remembered that this was a problem I had come across before and had discovered the solution. A bit of brain-wracking didn't help (it just hurt). In these situations I say (if you have the time) to do something else and leave the problem floating around in the back of your mind and in the normal course of events, you might remember what it was. Normally, for me, this is either:
  1. when I leave the house (which isn't very often)
  2. when I'm sitting on the loo or in the bath
  3. when I've gone to bed
Three days later and, poof!, I remembers. It's an Option.

Tools menu -> Options -> General tab page -> Name AutoCorrect. Uncheck Track name AutoCorrect info.

Voila! Decent speed in complex form opening.

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