Monday, 21 May 2007

My Forza Motorsport Cars - Toyota - 1995 Border MR2 Turbo T-bar - Superman Returns theme

My Cars - Toyota - 1995 Border MR2 Turbo T-bar
Originally uploaded by Mister Slimm.

Went for a Superman motif and tried to emulate the darker feeling of the 2006 "Superman Returns" movie promotional material. While the customisation didn't have exactly the colours I wanted they did look much better on the car while racing than they did in the designer.

This was my first time using the gradient tool as I wanted a blue / black gradient. As with a lot of new tools I probably overused it and added the red skirts. I employed it to much more subtle effect on the yellow background to the Superman logo just to adjust the colour feeling slightly. It's an effect you wouldn't notice if it I didn't mention it but I think it does have a beneficial effect.

After racing with the car, I wondered whether a homage to the American Stars and Stripes flag would help make the rear of the car more interesting. I went with a wavy flag motif but when I started putting stars on in the shape of tiny Toyota logos, I didn't like it. I replaced the stars with my racing number (34) in white but then hit on the idea of replacing the stars with a white chequered pattern. I did that, then placed my racing number in line with that in the yellow used for the background of the Superman badge.

I briefly toyed with getting my racing number into the Superman badge but didn't want to lose the hard work I had put into it in case I wouldn’t be happy with the 34 Krypton logo. I'm going to wait until I have enough spare cash to buy another MR2 so I can experiment safely.

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